HandiSafe Lockers, Australia

About the Lockers ...

Choose your Handisafe Security Locker ...

  • Keyed
    • Receive your key when you insert the payment
  • Electronic
    • Insert your money -choose your locker size, penter a pin number of your choice, repeat it and you will be allocated a locker.
    • Hire time can be extended by adding more money.
    • Multiple entry.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    • Pay for hire of a wrist band which allows multiple entrance to the lockers of your choice
    • Press your wrist band against lock to allow entry to safe. Same for locking.

How to Have Lockers at Your Venue ...

  • Lockers are installed at no cost to the venue
  • Income is shared on a percentage basis
  • Lockers are serviced on a monthly basis (or as required)
  • No liability for loss or theft to the venue

Where they are ...

  • Riverway Centre, Thuringowa, Townsville
  • Rockpool, Townsville Strand
  • Great Adventure Cruises, Cairns